Our debut album “Book of Apocalypse” was released on May 12th 2023 via Future Fame Records. It delivers 10 unrelenting, crushing Black Metal tracks with rhythms hammering at breakneck speed and some dazzling solo guitar performances. The lyrics paint an apocalyptic picture, taking the listeners on a journey to the dawn of their idols and inversion of traditional faith while purging them from fear of the devil. “Book of Apocalypse” reveals how strongly Satanic principles permeate the foundations of Christianity through horrific retellings of well known biblical fables. In the end, the corruption of mankind is inevitable and it is the one true, twisted god who wills it.
Drum recording, mixing and mastering was done by Christoph Brandes (The Spirit, Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz, …) at Iguana Studios.

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